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Free It is a plug-in meant to replace the CSV Export feature found in DVDProfiler
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CSV Export is a plug-in designed for DVD Profiler (developed by Invelos Software) that exports DVD Profiler data to a CSV file. Invelos DVD Profiler allows you to manage DVD collections of any size and enables you to enhance the functionality through various plug-ins. Once you have installed CSV Export plug-in in your DVD Profiler, a new option will be added to the ‘Tools’ menu of DVD Profiler enabling you to export profile database to CSV. CSV Export is easy-to-use and enables you to export your DVD collection in a comma-separated value format as a .csv file. It allows you to export different types of collections such as ordered DVDs, owned DVDs, DVD wish list, filtered profiles, flag profiles and all profiles. CSV Export also enables you to control the export output by allowing you to select the fields to be displayed in the exported data. It also allows you to select the data alignment in the output, you can select between multiple columns or multiple rows alignment for CSV output. This simple but useful plug-in of DVD Profiler is absolutely free to download and install.

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Maitri Shah
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  • Compatible with most Windows OS
  • Easy to use
  • Provides options for selecting different types of DVD collection/profiles like filtered profiles, ordered collection, etc
  • Allows users to select the fields to be included in the CSV output
  • Allows to select the data alignment for the CSV output
  • Free


  • Does not allow to export search results
  • Does not allow to preview data before exporting to CSV



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